Sydur Rahman Lipon

Sydur Rahman Lipon began performing at 12 through acting on stage theatre, choral singer and cultural activist in his hometown Pirojpur. After his graduation from there, he moved to Dhaka to pursue his Master’s in Theatre in the University of Dhaka. In the course, he learned acting, directing, script devising and musicology. He was trained on being an actor of Supra­Narrative Performance, popularly known as pala gaan, the indigenous theatre genre of Bangladesh. This earned him enormous acclamation both at home and abroad.

After his Master’s in 1998, he got an MPhil award for proving possibilities of “Indigenous Theatre of Bangladesh: Performance Method of Supra Narrative Performance and Its Potentials.” He started professional career as an adjunct faculty of Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Dhaka, providing stage direction to non­professional group theatre and professional organisations, providing consultancy and expertise to national and international organisations engaged in social/human development and awareness. He, so far, directed 10 plays and 5 other plays as an assistant both in academic and non­academic theatre arenas. Some of his directorial works have travelled in Asia and

Europe because of its cross­cultural language of theatre style and aesthetics. To serve performance knowledge and potentials of indigenous theatre, he provided a number of training and workshops to the theatre organisations and institutions in Bangladesh and beyond. Among all of his overseas experiences, the project entitled “Connecting the World” by British Council, London and “If there is a Life after Capitalism” by Vonkrahl Theatre, Estonia are notable. He also travelled to Russia to participate in a programme titled “Performing Arts and Practical Directing”.

A number of his directorial and acting works have received award and scholarship from well­liked theatre groups in Bangladesh. He has a number of publications including a book titled “Acting Style in Folk­Theatre of Bangladesh” from the Bangla Academy. His book is being referred to in several theatre departments in Bangladesh. Now he is doing PhD on “Ethnological Theatre of Bangladesh: Actors Training Method of Marma, Manipuri and Garo Performances.”