Shaan Rahman

Born and raised in Dhaka till high school completion, actor, teacher and writer Shaan Rahman travelled to the West Coast of Canada right after to enroll at the University of Victoria. He then proceeded to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree by completing the Acting Specialisation Programme. During his years at the University, Shaan acted in over 40 plays and short films. He went through extensive movement training (Labaan, Alexander Technique, improv, ballet, modern and contemporary dance, focal point work, stage fights, stunts, etc), voice training (Chakra work, Linklater, Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Received Pronunciation, accent work, etc) and acting training (Stanislavski, Meisner, exhaustive script analysis training, emotional exploration, focal work, etc). During his student years he had the distinct honour and pleasure of working with some of his idols in the Canadian Theatre industry including Michael Shamata (Artistic Director of the Belfry Theatre), David Ferry and renowned contemporary playwright Daniel MacIvor with whom Shaan premiered his dark social satire “Inside”. He had written and directed works during those years of training too and had acted in theatre festivals in the summer through every year of his University.

After graduation, Shaan moved to the city of Vancouver, or Hollywood North, as they call it, to continue his training and his work. He trained and graduated from the ever so successful and acclaimed acting school The Actor’s Foundry where he trained exhaustively with Matthew Harrison, a nationally and internationally sought after coach/teacher. During those years in Vancouver, Shaan had performed in leading roles in films submitted and accepted into two of the world’s biggest film festivals; the Toronto International Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival.

He just recently came back to Dhaka and opened up his own private acting school called The Arena where he teaches two to three times a week in a style that he has adopted from his favourite teachers into one process. He has been teaching for a few years now and he absolutely loves it. He finds nothing more rewarding than being able to spread some of the knowledge that can help people learn more about themselves and the people around them. He feels immensely fortunate for himself and other performance artists about this training facility opening up for the artists and professionals of Bangladesh.