Piplu R Khan

Born in the serene port city of Chittagong, Rezaur Rahman Khan aka Piplu R Khan, is a naturalist at heart. Throughout the successful transition from a film­loving college boy to an international ad filmmaker, he travelled a long way; yet “an artist” is the word that expresses him the most. Piplu’s down­to­earth approach, cinematic storytelling, sensitive handling of emotions and interplay, a “feel” for music and sophisticated technical skills make him a sensitive, rich and layered artist, whose creations are a joy to watch. He brings to his projects unique insights that he picks from observing life around him. It almost feels like he has keenly filed away every little thing that he has come across in his life – characters, places, stories, relationships, gestures, idiosyncrasies, etc. Instead of going for ordered beauty, he injects these memorable “realisms” in his films that connect directly to the heart. Along with Applebox Films, an embodiment of his vision that has been shaping up for quite sometimes, he also established himself on demand in Bombay ad scene for quite sometimes. His works has been noticed and featured on prestigious platforms like adforum and agencyfaqs.

Piplu went on to explore creativity and art outside the scope of his professional life. He created a platform called “Shift” in collaboration with some of his friends. The platform acts with an aim to shape up young minds for critical thinking who are willing to join the creative industry in future. Piplu intends to take this forum global in future. Currently living in Dhaka, Piplu’s interest lies in archive, reading, writing and cooking. At present he is also working on his first full­length feature film crafted from his own ideas.