Edward Francis Gomes

Edward Francis Gomes envisions a world where freedom, opportunity and anti­elitism would be the guiding inviolable principles. Despite a business graduate from Jahangirnagar University, Edward had a knack for the ‘illusion of physical combat’. He has been applauded and recognised by the International Fight Chorographers’ community. He was first featured in the youth section of Daily New Age with the caption ‘Kicking New Paths Open’ at the beginning of his career. Edward was later interviewed by Independent TV, Maasranga TV and many Radio channels.

Edward is well on his way to establishing his mission of bringing dynamic martial art action on the silver screen of Bangladesh film industry. But the dream started paving its way when he started boxing at high school. Edward, who got inspired by his heavyweight boxer grandfather, Edward Senior, has established quite a name in the full contact combat known as Krav Maga. Once he extensively studied a couple of traditional martial arts, namely Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai and Wing Chun, he soon turned martial art into lifestyle. And that was only the beginning, Edward had started forging a new path that is directed by his passion for Krav Maga. After successfully graduating in all the certified training programmes, Edward has now become a nationally authorised Tactical Krav Maga instructor under the supervision of the South Asian Authority of Tactical Krav Maga which is headquartered in Australia. Apart from conducting many national seminars, he has given private training to a number of Bangladeshi law enforcement officials as well. He is fuelled by the determination to provide ‘Self Defence’ training to his students who come from all walks of life.

Besides doing a couple of short films and indie projects, Edward is currently working as the action director in the action thrillers called ‘Aadi’. ‘Three’. He has directed the fight sequences of ‘Protiruddho’ & ‘Musafir’ and TV commercial of ‘Yuasa Battery’.

Edward enjoys the simplest things, and there’s no greater joy for him than just having fun with a good group of friends.