Dr Biplab Bala

Five years’ full­time association as a theatre activist with Kolkata­based ‘Nandeekar’; had close company of MohanauT Shambhu Mitra, Badal Sarkar, Ajitesh Bandopadhyay, Rudraprasad Sengupta and Shaoli (Shaonli) Mitra

Played pivotal role in founding and running ‘Kanthasheelon’, the principal organisation in Dhaka for recitation; initiation of practicing Bangla language and culture together with Late Wahidul Huq and Naren Biswas

Part­time teaching in Dramatics at Jahangirnagar and Dhaka University for almost ten years; rebuilding of Sanskrit play ‘Madhyambyayog’ and re­writing the play ‘Behular Bhasan’ in storytelling form in the Dramatics Department of Dhaka University; writing modernised version of the fairy tale ‘Lalkamol Neelkamol’

Planning and execution of countrywide Bangali Cultural Festival 1992 and celebration of Bangla New Year 1400 with the advices from Syed Shamsul Haque

Conducting nationwide research and training programme on Integrated Education­Culture in association with Abdul Momen Innovation of a creative way of self­actualisation and expression of oneself through different workshops on language­ recitation ­culture ­theatre and application in many government and non­government orgnisations all over the country Introduced a unique reviewing method of theatre and production; The Chronicles of Humane Relations in

Learning­ Building ­Practising Theatre and Culture

Playwriting : Bishad Sindhu, Hamlet O Hamlet

Direction (Drama) : Sukhopathyo Bharater Itihas, Totakahinee, Shishuteertho, Streer Patro,

Direction (Recitation) : Shikorer Dana, Shishuteertho, Puroskar Rother Roshi, audio

Publications : Bishad Sindhu (Drama), Michael Madhusudan Datta (Biography), Modern Ke jagibe Aj, Haay Bangla Haay Behula, Abohoman Bangla, Lalkamol Neelkamol

composition of Rabindranath­Nazrul­Sumukar Roy and modern poetries

Bangla Theatre: Culture and Politics (Research), The Popular Theatre of Bangladesh: An Extensive Study