Anwar Hossain

Born in Dhaka in 1948, Photographer, Cinematographer and Architect Anwar Hossain is a creative genius with multidimensional disciplines. He reached the apex in whatever he did. After completion of his graduation in Architecture from BUET in 1974, he went to FTII to study cinematography.

During his long and colourful professional life, he won 15 Bangladesh national & cine journalists’ awards for film cinematography; worked as the director of cinematography for 15 feature films & about 30 documentaries since 1977 which won Feature film awards including the Mahhheim Ducat, 1995 & 1980; Dunkerque Festival, 1995; George-&- Ruta-Sadoul, Paris, 1995; Karlovy Vary; Netherlands; Portugal; Korea; Hawaii; etc; won Documentaries awards including Media Excellence Award, Beijing in 1985; National Award, Delhi in 1978, official selections at Ethnographic Film Festival, Paris in 1999, etc; and directed, photographed & edited two documentary films in Bangladesh including one for ‘Concern’, Ireland. He also won 60 international awards and more the 100 International Salon of Acceptance in about 25 countries.

His filmography as DOP with the director Tanvir Mokammel (1984~2009) includes “Hooliya” (Wanted); “Nadir Naam Modhumati” (The River Named Modhumati), received three Bangladesh National Awards, shown in Tri- Continental Film Festival, Nantes, France; “Achin Pakhi” (The Unknown Bird), shown in Kathmandu and Sardinia, Italy, Documentary Film Festivals; “Swapnar School’’ (A School for Swapna); “Chitra Nadir Paare” (Quiet Flows the River Chitra), received seven Bangladesh National Awards, shown in London, Oslo, Fribourg (Switzerland), Singapore, Delhi, KOlkata and Trivandrum Film Festivals; “Images and Impressions”, a documentary on the ideals of the Folk High Schools in Denmark; “Laalsalu” (A Tree without Roots), received eight Bangladesh National Awards, Jury’s special mention, 1st International Film Festival, 2003, Dhaka and shown in London, Rotterdam, Montreal, Quebec, Cinenouvo (Belgium), Jeonju (South Korea), Fukuoka (Japan) Toronto (Bongo Festival) and Delhi International Film Festivals; “Oie Jamuna” (A Tale of the Jamuna River); “Lalon”, shown in Fukuoka (Japan), London, Cleveland, competitive section in Dhaka and in the Goa (India) International Film Festivals and in Musée Guimet, France; “Karnaphulir Kanna” (Teardrops of Karnaphuli), a documentary on the plight of the Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Mro and other indigenous communities of the Chittagong Hill Tracts, shown in Kathmandu Documentary Film Festival and in Musée Guimet, France; “Riders to the Sundarbans” (Bonojatri), a journey-film that depicts the odyssey of a group of fishermen’s wives crossing the Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world; “Bostrobalikara: Garment Girls of Bangladesh”, a documentary on the female garment workers of Bangladesh depicting their lives, working condition and dreams, received the award of best documentary film of the year by Bangladesh Federation of Film Societies. Shown in Musée Guimet, France; “Tajuddin Ahmad: An Unsung Hero” (Nissonga Sarathi), a documentary on Tajuddin Ahmad, the first premier of Bangladesh, who successfully led the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971, received the award of Best Foreign Language Community Documentary Film by TVS Television Channel, Australia; “Swapnabhumi” (The Promised Land), a documentary on the Urdu-speaking community of Bangladesh, popularly known as the Biharis, received the Award of Second Best Documentary Film by Film South Asia Film Festival, Nepal, 2009; “Rabeya” (The Sister), a feature film and a deconstruction of Sophocles’ play Antigone on the backdrop of the Bangladesh liberation war of 1971; and many more.

He was the Sole Judge in the Commonwealth Photography Exhibition & Film Festival, Cyprus, 1980; was awarded Associateships of FIAP, Belgium, 1991; IIPC, Delhi, 1991 & RPS, UK, 1989; served as a Jury Member in the CROUS French National Photo Contest, 1999 & 1997; 18 th  International Festival of Village Films, Saint-Flour, France, 1996; delivered “Photography in the Third World” speech at 20 th  FIAP Congress, Brussels, August 1989; VPI & SU, Virginia, USA, September 1989; IIPC Conference, Kolkata, 1991; and was the Principal speaker in the Images Seminar, Commonwealth Institute, London, March 1987. He held numerous exhibitions both at home and abroad including Hopital Avicenne, Paris, France, 2008; GRID, Amsterdam, 2006; Mairiedes Lilas, France, 2005; Maison de l’Inde, Paris, 2005; galerie Laleh, Tehran, 2001; Alliances Françaises, Bangladesh, 1995-2007; Galerie Bernanos, Paris, 1996; Bordeaux & Nantes, France, 1991; National Museum & Art Academies in Bangladesh, 1972-1994; USA, 1989; Fotogalerie 68, The Netherlands, 1984; Delhi, 1978, Pune, India 1977, 1976; and many more.

His is the author of eight major photo books: Pocket books: Sonar Bangla & Banglar Prem 2010. Portrait de vie pour le futur, France, 2007; A Ballad of Bangladesh, A Voyage Through Bangladesh, Dhaka portrait,Woman & A Journey Through Bangladesh, 1988-2001; Monograph: Anwar Hossain, by National Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka, 1978; The Bangladesh Image, Dhaka, 1980; The Bangladesh Image by Hotel Intercontinental, Dhaka, 1980. He also edited the BPS Newsletter, Picture Editor for the weeklies“Dialogue”,”Sanglap” & “Satdin”. 1980-90.

He received an Asian Foundation Fellowship in Journalism in Malaysia in mid-1980s and was honoured with two consecutive fellowships in Art at Rumania in 2005-6.

Presently serving as a Media Teacher and as DOP in major Cine/Video

Projects in Bangladesh.