Naila Azad

Naila Azad started her acting career at a very young age as a member of the acclaimed theatre group Dhaka Theatre, there she received her first training from the creative hands of Nasirudiin Yousuf Bacchu an Selim Al Deen, at the same time she passed her Matriculation examination standing first, nationally, among the boys and girls in the Humanities section. Within a short time after that, while still a teenager, she left for New Delhi to study Acting at the National School of Drama. She went through a rigorous three­year training where she was taught by many great internally renowned masters and performed in many plays, as a main character or ingénue. After graduating and after traveling halfway of around the world studying theatre of the Far East, she finally came back to Dhaka. For the next ten years… nearly all of the eighties, she was a very popular actor on stage, television and screen. It was from this time that Naila began to direct, design and choreograph plays for other theatre companies in Dhakam and teach many aspects of theatre all over Bangladesh.

In 1989, Naila left Dhaka once again to pursue higher studies. In America she graduated from Antioch University with a Bachelor’s degree, and from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) with a Master’s degree. Since then, for the next 20 years, Naila lived in the United States working in the mainstream media industry as an actor, director, designer and choreographer in many prestigious theatres, and also in many film and television studios in Los Angeles. She also worked for about 10 years as an Acting Teacher in the Theatre Department of the famous Santa Monica College in Los Angeles.

Naila now lives and works in Dhaka in theatre, film and television, and she also teaches in the Film department of a few private universities.