Afsana Mimi

An eminent actor, director and producer, Afsana Mimi has been the mastermind and core flowing energy of a number of companies. A graduate from the University of Dhaka, she embarked into the arena of performing arts with particular focus on drama. She worked for theatre for thirty years and one decade for television before commencement of her managerial career. She also formed a repertory theatre. Afsana played the key role in the Chitra Nodir Paare directed by Tanveer Mokammel, Priyotomeshu directed by Morshedul Islam and Chhana O Muktijuddho directed by Late Badal Rahman and so on. After reaching the apex in her acting career, Afsana decided to go a step higher… she moved into producing and directing different audiovisual productions ranging from television commercials to documentaries to dramas (both one­off and serials) to telefilms. Finally, she moved on to directing full­length feature films.

During her professional life, she led three organisations before starting Bangladesh Film & Television Academy (BFTA). She started her managerial career with Maasranga, a production house. After wrapping up with her commitment with Maasranga, she formed another house named Krishnachura, which is known for quality production. After Krishnachura, she formed Green Screen which so far presented a mega serial titled Satti Tarar Timir and a highly applauded culinary show Nostalgia, in addition to producing a number of television commercials and documentaries.

Afsana envisioned Bangladesh Film and Television Academy (BFTA) as a visionary initiative.