All over the world, Cinema and Television are considered quintessential expressions of culture. There was a time, when the two media attempted to express the local manifestations and operations of particular cultures, but nowadays, with the spread of visual culture (particularly cinema and television) they also reflect a global perspective wherever this fits in. Their advancement, therefore, has to accommodate both local and global needs.

To take our cinema and television forward, media professionals have to work hand in hand with cultural activists, academics and people with a high degree of cultural orientation. Institutions specializing in media studies can play an important role in bringing them together and help them work for the common goal of advancing our cinema and television and take them to audiences beyond our borders. Bangladesh Film & Television Academy (BFTA) envisions becoming such an institution. BFTA’s core strength lies in the collective experience of its teachers, instructors and facilitators who have worked in the two media for a long time and have contributed to the development and continuous improvement of the languages of cinema and television. With the instructions and hands down training provided by the teachers and instructors, the learners will be able to prepare themselves to work at the highest levels in the two media.

Learning and application are deeply interrelated which BFTA will strive to provide the learners. To ensure a proper working environment, BFTA will make the classrooms interactive with the participation of experts in many different fields who will instil in the learners a high degree of competence. Thus, they will be in a position to take Bangladeshi cinema and television to newer heights and to a global audience.